Visual Identity

HubbaCar is s peer to peer car rental platform connecting people with local car owners in the UK.  To stand out from their competitors, HubbaCar offers more choice, more value and more authentic travel experiences

The logomark is a representation of a “C” and an “H”.  The curvature of the “H” letterform is an indicative of movement and travel.

Logo Breakdown

The logotype features the curvature of the logomark.  This was achieved by modifying ITC Avant Garde Standard medium typeface.

Brand Guidelines

The graphic standards manual we created for HubbaCar shows how to use the logo mark and logotype we designed.

Digital Presence

Here is a proposed concept for the HubbaCar webpage. Ultimately, we must realize that everything we design is not always chosen but we feel it is imperative to keep any and all iterations/ideas.

Environmental Design

A concept image used during our presentation.