Family Safety Planning,


Visual Identity

Family Safety Planning is a service for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. at risk of being detained or deported by immigration authorities.  El Centro de la Raza helps families assign a person they trust to take care of their children and make decisions related to their supervision in the case that one or both of their parents are detained or deported.

Through this service, undocumented people are also oriented on how to protect the assets they acquired in the U.S. if they are at risk of being detained or deported for not having defined their legal status in the country.

The brand identity was designed around the idea of keeping families together.  With this in mind, the logomark is a representation of a family.  A pattern was then created using the logomark as an uplifting representation of people coming together to aid one another and is used through out the identity system.

Logo Breakdown

The logomark and its pattern is based on a family and people coming together.

Brand Guidelines

To ensure brand consistency with the Family Safety Planning identity, a manual on how to use the logomark was created alongside the brand.  For the purpose of legibility and clarity on all media, it was decided to use Suisse International as the main typeface for the identity.

Posters and Pamphlets

To educate the general public on what Family Safety Planning is, posters and pamphlets were designed and implemented through out Seattle.  In these instances, we were able to successfully implement the brand pattern.


A singular business card was designed as part of the identity package.