Ferrera and Associates,


Visual Identity

Kirkland Washington real estate agent group Ferrera & Associates came to pley.ground looking to create a logo, brand identity and a future web presence that demonstrated their love for modern architecture. We focused on creating a mark that exemplifies trust between the real estate agent and their client.

The logomark created for Ferrera and Associates comes from the idea of the realtor and client sitting together.  In fact, the logo is an abstracted version of 2 overlapping chairs.

Logo Breakdown

The use of the secondary logo is intended to be used on internal documents and filing systems. The logotype was inspired by the modern homes sold by Ferrera and Associates.

Digital Presence

The website was a place to showcase all the properties represented by Ferrera and Associates.  In this instance, the brand took a backseat to allow the rest of the content to shine through.

Marketing Material

A singular business card was designed as part of the identity package.