Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global,


Visual Identity

Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global(WEGG) is a non profit out of Chicago whose goal to help women business owners create a new future for themselves by helping their businesses expand globally.

The logotype for WEGG uses a custom typeface we designed.  The idea for the typeface came from an early concept for a logomark that was not used. Circles were used to represent the global aspect, while segments of the circle mimicked growth.

Logo Breakdown

Due to the long nature of the business name, it was imperative that a secondary logotype was designed.  Through the use of the custom typeface, that was made possible to achieve.

Typeface Design

PG WEGG Book and Brand is a strict geometrical typeface designed for Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global. The typeface clearly distinct to create visually compelling headlines which adds an extra element to their brand identity.

Marketing Material

The typeface lends itself well to various marketing materials.  With its distinctive “g”s, the brand is easily recognizable regardless on what its applied to.

Environmental Design

The brand identity also has the potential to be used on a grand scale.  Here, it is envisioned as a sign for a conference.