Walk In My Shoes,


Visual Identity

Walk in My Shoes uses citizen cast members and police officers to explore the relationship between the police and the public and the fear, anger and mistrust felt between them. We created a brand that insinuates a platform for everyone to stand and speak freely.

The mark itself is a representation of a platform in which the performers/speakers stand on to speak. It is intended to be dynamic in a sense. One can replace “walk in My Shoes” with the actual speaker’s name.

Logo Breakdown

The logotype is able to be shortened to WIMS during specific situations.  The platform portion of the logo can extend as much as needed to fit a speaker’s name as well.

Brand Guidelines

To ensure brand consistency, a manual on how to use the logomark was created alongside the brand identity.  This would aid in ensuring brand consistency regardless of who used the identity.


All posters created used the faces of the speakers.  The brand takes a secondary role to become a platform for the individuals.

Digital Presence

The web presence takes a similar approach as the posters.  People always first.