Mini Global Stories,



Mini Global Stories is a book company that freshly updates world stories for modern audiences. I was hired to illustrate and set the design direction the first series of books. I also designed and developed the overall brand identity.

With the illustrations, we wanted to incorporate a simple style that echoed children’s books from the past. We find that this classic look paired well with the classic stories. Also, we felt that the characters would be easy enough for children to replicate if they chose to do so.

Main Characters

The characters were developed from simple shapes i.e circles and rectangles.  We did not want them to be overtly designed.  The eyes were kept large to allow expression to the actions of the stories.

Kong Rong and the Pears

Our approach to illustrations is to hark back to older styles such as the work seen in Little Golden Books.   Also, each element in the illustration is placed purposely to help guide a reader’s eye from one section to the other.

Salt and Sponges

Each story takes place in a specific country and thus lots of research was done to recreate scenery that aligns with the country while also being culturally sensitive.