Min Moon Presents,


Visual Identity
Typeface Design

We enjoy taking on projects that mean something to us, and those who truly know us would not be surprised to see us take on projects that help expand the minds of others. Thus we present to you all arts curator/activist Min Moon.

The logo for Min Moon is a representation of spreading knowledge and bringing people in. It’s also a nod to where Min grew up.  The idea behind the color choices, especially on all print work,  was to allow the expression and warmth of the dance  performances and to ignite excitement and interest for the shows.

Typeface Design and Applications

We believe that the type choices for a brand should be as unique as the people behind said brand. This aids in capturing the attention in their intended audiences as well as an expression of whom they are.  For this reason, we created a typeface for Min Moon that may animated into a dance.

Digital Presence

The website was created using the idea of discovery.  Every element on the website has a purpose and lends itself to the  concept of discovery.  The site may be experienced here: http://min-moon.com/


The program designed for the show also invokes the concept of discovery.  As each page is unfolded, more and more information is revealed, thus coaxing the reader to explore of the pamphlet.

Marketing Material

All marketing posters use images of dance and movement with a slight gradient overlaid on top.  This is a representation of the warmth feels as the dances continue and become more intense.