Mini Global Stories,


Visual Identity

Mini Global Stories is a book company that freshly updates world stories for modern audiences. I was hired to illustrate and set the design direction the first series of books. I also designed and developed the overall brand identity.

The logomark for Mini Global Stories is bridge that connects people from all around the world.  It is a representation of people traveling place to place learning about different cultures via children’s stories.

Logo Breakdown

The symbol and the logotype may be used independently from one another if so desired.

Digital Presence

We wanted to entice users with the illustrations we created for Mini Global Stories.  This is why the landing page to the site featured the character of KongRong that we designed for one of the stories.

Marketing Material

The illustration work we made was used also for marketing pieces.  Here, the characters from the books we illustrated were used to promote the Mini Global Stories Kickstarter campaign via social media outlets.


With the illustrations, we wanted to incorporate a simple style that echoed children’s books from the past. We find that this classic look paired well with the classic stories. Also, we felt that the characters would be easy enough for children to replicate if they chose to do so.