Mi Familia,


Visual Identity

 Mi Familia is a family photo gallery whose purpose is to reach all the family members that have moved across various states and countries. We were tasked with creating a brand identity, website. The brand was inspired by both separation and togetherness.

The logo for MI Familia utilizes a bold typeface that’s tracked close together to represent a bond between members of the family. The dash is a representation of separation.

Logo Breakdown

To further exemplify separation, an alternative of the primary logotype was designed.  Its use is minimal and only for situations deemed “special.”

Digital Presence

The Mi Familia website was designed without distractions. A printed photo album is alluded to with the site’s large images and scattered type throughout its pages. Colors were kept to a minimum to bring the photos to the forefront. The website may be experienced here: http://mi-familia.gallery/

Printed Material

A small booklet of the photos featured on the site was created and shared amongst family members.