pley.ground was founded in Seattle on the year 2017 by Gabriel Lopez. β€œPley” comes from the wanting to have fun with the work and pushing the perceptions of what design should look like. β€œGround” is a constant reminder though, that everything we do as designers is for someone else. As hard as we want to be conceptual, we must keep ourselves grounded.

pley.ground is "misspelled" intentionally and there are various reasons for this particular direction. The dot between pley and ground is an ultra simplified depiction of one of Gabriel's childhood toys. The lines used through pley.ground's brand is a reference to the floor. They are reminders of our simple beginings

In our 3 years of existence, our work has been featured on national and international blogs. And our illustration work has been published in national and local magazines. We create brands for the people. If the client's business intent is to enlighten and to authentically help humankind as a whole, pley.ground will help you. We are a design practice for you, the people.

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Press and Features

The Gallery.ioβ€” Website feature for our pley.ground website

Minimal.Galleryβ€” Website feature for our pley.ground website

Poster Heroes - Our Stay at Home poster was featured in their "Couch Heroes" Instagram story campaign

The Gallery.ioβ€” Website feature for our Who is Gabriel website

The Design Kids β€” Interview about pley.ground's Origins

Bellevue College β€” Interview About the Sensitive Location Logomark

Kirkus Review β€” Illustration feature for CodeSpeak Labs

Klikentheke β€” Website feature for pley.ground

CSSDSGN β€” Website feature for Lash Society

Story Time Ink Magazine β€” Illustration

hipertextual β€” Best NASA inspired poster and illustration

CSSDSGN β€” Website feature for pley.ground

Bookvana Award Finalist β€” For illustration and story

Best Book Awards β€” Best illustration

Mooxi Design β€” Best free fonts for web design

Made by Magnitude β€” Best free fonts for designers

Heart Internet Blog β€” Free Fresh Fonts

Free Web Design Tutorials β€” Top 100 Free Fonts


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