GioTrotto Consulting,


Visual Identity

GioTrotto Consulting is digital marketing strategy and brand consultancy, serving mostly startups and small businesses. pley.ground was tasked to create a logo that evoked wisdom, growth and guidance.

As requested, the logo utilizes an owl to represent wisdom as well as the owner’s strong attachment to the animal. The owl sits on a perch which can be stretched or shrunk depending on applications. This ploy is a nod towards the aspect of business growth.

Logo Breakdown

The combination mark can be used as a whole but we also provided the option to only use the symbol or the logotype as seen fit.

Marketing Material

To aid in understanding how the logo can be utilized, we went ahead and applied the mark to various assets for GioTrotto consulting.

Digital Presence

We provided an example of how the logo may be applied to a digital presence.