Children's Cancer Hope Institute,


Visual Identity

Children’s Cancer Hope Institute (CCHI) is founded upon the belief that cancer can be beaten by creating a comprehensive research, educational and social services network. pley.ground aided their cause with mail out pamphlets and branding work. We were asked to create a website, but due to unfortunate circumstances, CCHI had to shut its doors for the time being.

The brand identity feeds off the idea of freedom, hence the choice to use a stylized bird. It was agreed amongst both parties to opt for two birds instead of one. The reason behind this is to instill the idea that the child is not alone when fighting cancer. The oncologists are there to guide the children and the parents are there as well for the chgikld. Alternatively, the logomark can take on the meaning that the doctors are there to reassure the parents that the very best is being done.

Logo Breakdown

The logomark was intended to be used as is, or to be filled with any pattern and any color that is suitable for the situation.  Alongside the logo, a manual was created to offer instructions on its usage.

Marketing Material

The logomark was used on a variety of printed matter.  This ranged from business cards, pamphlets, tote bags and as seen here, the mark was also filled with festive, holiday colors to better illuminate the holiday spirit.

Digital Presence

The web presence was a place of information, set up as a simple blog.  The doctor thought this was best for what he needed.  We agreed.