Who is Gabriel,


Visual Identity

This is the identity system and visuals for pley.ground’s owner/founder and designer personal portfolio website.  Overall, the stylistic choices were kept close to the pley.ground’s brand.

The brand identity was kept rather minimal to better allow the various works to be more visible, which is pley.ground’s philosophy and approach to identity systems.  This was especially important when creating Gabriel’s site since he had previously worked in multiple locations and each place required a different design aesthetic.  A minimal identity allows for all these pieces to look cohesive.

Logo Breakdown

Gabriel was provided with the option of using the logomark or a logotype.

Digital Presence

The site was designed to allow all work to be viewed without obstruction.  That is true when viewing the site on mobile and desktop.

Marketing Collateral / Illustrations

The business card designed as part of the identity package, features elements of the website to create a cohesive experience.  Even the spot illustrations made for Gabriel are whimsical and simple to allow all other content to shine.