Metta Means Love,


Visual Identity

Metta Means Love is a Seattle based skincare company that captures the essence of the yogi spirit.  pley.ground was  approached to create a brand identity and subsequent packaging for the company that would help them organize their numerous line of products as well as aid in sales.

Taking into consideration the three ideas of self love, protection and continual self improvement, the brand concept of growth uses these elements to create a logo that is composed of three distinct parts, yet, still unified together. Metta Means Love is a mixture of different elements.

Logo Breakdown

The logo was designed to be flexible for all its uses.  The option to use the primary or secondary logo was given to ensure brand consistency through different applications.


The three distinctive elements used to create the brand is put to further use as guides to differentiate product capabilities.

Marketing Material

A singular business card was designed as part of the identity package.