Evolving Selves,


Visual Identity
Typeface Design

Evolving Selves is a life coaching company that helps people who are struggling with procrastination. pley.ground focused on creating a brand identity around the concept of rearranging one’s mental state to create new habits.

Due to the reliance of clear communication between a life coach and client, the brand identity was kept without obstruction to better deliver any and all necessary information.

Logo Breakdown

The idea behind the logo came from building blocks that were able to adapt to many situations.  In other words, it is a representation of an evolving self.

Typeface Design and Applications

To exemplify the uniqueness behind the philosophy of Evolving Selves, we designed a bold typeface to go along with the brand. This typeface gives the impression of a solid foundation while also paying homage to old psychology books, which Evolving Selves relies on with their practice.

Digital Presence

The website was kept clean to ensure clear and effortless communication for the users and clientele of the life coach. The website may be experienced here: http://evolving.life/

Marketing Materials

All marketing material made use of the shifting building blocks in some form or other.  Sometimes, the blocks were insinuated with lines and sometimes the blocks were given more dimension through the use of shadows.