Area 51,


Visual Identity

Area 51 was the leader in the Seattle furniture design community. Its showroom held a vast collection of new, reclaimed and Mid-Century inspired furniture that had people from all over Seattle coming to its door.  We were held responsible with recreating a complete new brand and website that truly embraced the spirit of what Area 51 Seattle truly was.

The logo mark is a representation of the consumer’s home. It is their space to be filled with whatever their heart desires. The triangle and 51 symbolizes the Area 51 store. Together, the mark is meant to be seen as the consumer filling up their space with the furniture purchased at Area 51.

Logo Breakdown

The Area 51 logo was multi-functional and could be taken apart for various uses.

Marketing Materials

A singular business card was designed as part of the identity package.

Digital Presence

The web presence is a digital representation of the showroom that was located on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The idea was to bring the walk in experience to the comfort of one’s home.